Military Convoys WS.16

WS.16 Depart Liverpool/ Clyde February 16, 1942 (Combined Feb. 17)
WS.16 Arrive/ Depart Freetown March 1, 1942 / 0630 hrs. March 6, 1942 CHART
Arrive/ Depart Durban March 20, /March 25, 1942
WS.16 Separated from WS.16 April 3, 1942 (Remainder of WS.16 became WS.16B)
WS.16 Dispersed off Aden April 6, 1942
WS.16B Arrived Bombay April 8, 1942 CHART

Convoy WS.16 from UK

Notes: Feb. 18. CITY OF LINCOLN returned. Shifting cargo; hull damaged by tank.
Feb 18: CITY OF EDINBURGH returned. Shifting cargo.
Feb 18: POTARO: 44 ton motor launch shifted. Hove to. Proceeded to Freetown by Standard Route.
Feb. 25: MOOTLAN buried one airman who died on board.
Feb 27: BERGENSFJORD buried one man who died from a bullet wound.