Military Convoys WS.2


WS.2 Depart Liverpool/ Clyde August 5, 1940
Separated to WS.2S and WS.2F August 8, 1940
WS.2F Arrive/ Depart Freetown August 15/ August 16, 1940
WS.2S Arrive/ Depart Freetown August 16, 1940/ August 17, 1940
WS.2F Arrive Capetown August 25, 1940
WS.2A Depart Capetown

August 29, 1940

Separated to WS.2AS and WS.2AF September 9, 1940
WS.2AF Dispersed September 14, 1940 in 21.42N, 37.55E. Chart
WS.2B Depart Capetown 1445 hrs. August 31, 1940
WS.2B Arrive Bombay 1030 hrs. September 15,1940

WS.2F Fast Portion (August 8, 1940)

Note: In order to gain 24 hours on the slow convoy it was necessary for the fast convoy to maintain 18 knots. Monarch of Bermuda and Strathaird were foul and Batory could produce just over 18 knots, so for the greater part of the voyage these ships did not zigzag while the four big ships zigzagged across their front. As seen from ahead this produced a confusing impression and, combined with the high speed of advance, was at least as good as the whole convoy zigzagging.