The Belgravian, with a cargo of kernels, groundnuts and tin ore from Port Harcourt, was torpedoed by U-372 at around 2:00 am on August 5, when the convoy had reached the west of Ireland in position 53.03N, 15.54W . The master (Richard Sanderson Kearon OBE), 40 crew members and six gunners were rescued up by the corvette HMS Bluebell and landed at Gourock. Three crew members were lost and are commemorated on Tower Hill, panel 15.

CLARKE , Fireman and Trimmer, SIDNEY, S.S. Belgravian (Liverpool). Merchant Navy. 8th August 1941. Age 25.

LYE , Ordinary Seaman, JOHN ROBERT, S.S. Belgravian (Liverpool). Merchant Navy. 19th May 1940. Age 17. Son of John and Martha Ann Lye, of Durham. (Died in a separate unknown incident)

RHODES , Donkeyman, ALFRED GEORGE, S.S. Belgravian (Liverpool). Merchant Navy. 5th August 1941. Age 58. Husband of C. E. Rhodes, of Hull.

Commemorative data kindly provided by Billy McGee: