Russian Convoys

All 78 Russian convoys and those that sailed as independents are recorded on this site. Data is available for 581 merchant vessels and 368 naval escort and other vessels covering 1,622 ship movements.

In addition to the escorted convoys, Operation FB, which sent unescorted vessels to Russia at 12 hour intervals during the period October 29 - November 2, 1942, is included. Of the thirteen vessels engaged in Operation FB, only five reached their destination; five were lost and three ships returned to Iceland.

For detailed information, including escorts, you should consult "Convoys to Russia 1941-1945" by Ruegg & Hague, ISBN 0 905617 66 5. For a comprehensive reading list on Arctic convoys, provided by the Imperial War Museum, click here (pdf file). For details of Halcyon Class minesweepers that took part in the Russian convoys click here.

By nationality, the database contains ships from

America (Am) ... 292
Belgium (Bel) ... 1
Britain (Br) ... 184
Holland (Du) ... 5
Honduras (Hon) ... 2
Norway (Nor) ... 11
Panama (Pan) ... 29
Poland (Pol) ... 1
Russia (Ru) ... 56
... 581

Note: The inclusion of a particular ship or escort in convoy does not imply that they remained in convoy nor that they necessarily sailed to the convoy destination. For further details see the entries in the Hague database; JW convoys; PQ convoys; QP convoys and RA convoys.