Built by Blohm & Voss, Hamburg.
Commissioned 24 May, 1941

Korvkpt. Karl-Ernst Schroeter

The Sinking of U-752 by John Hamilton

The Sinking of U-752 by John Hamilton
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Commanded by Korvkpt. Karl-Ernst Schroeter Born December 3, 1912
Died May 23, 1943 Central North Atlantic.

U-752 left St. Nazaire on July 2, 1942 on her thirteenth patrol (seventh war patrol) to join Wolf Pack 'Hoi'. She ended her patrol at La Pallice on September 4, 1942 having been at sea for 65 days. On this patrol she sank SS Garmula, SS Leikanger, SS Mendanau and SS Cripple Creek.

Sank 8 vessels for a total of 33.572 tons
1 ship (4.799 tons) damaged

On 22nd May 1943, a Swordfish from of 819 Squadron, operating from HMS Archer (an escort carrier for Convoy HX239), sank U-752 in a rocket attack. This was the first time that a U-boat had been sunk using rocket projectiles. 29 of the crew (including the commander) died in the attack but there were 17 survivors.