Built by Blohm & Voss, Hamburg
Commissioned: 29 May 1941

Commanded by Kptlt. Heinz Hirsacker.

August 14, 1914
Died April 24, 1943

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U-572 left La Pallice on June 30, 1942 for her fifth patrol to join Wolf Pack Hai and returned there on September 3, 1942. Although criticised for not engaging the enemy (see below) she did sink the Dutch vessel Delfshaven on her fifth attempt.

Her commander, Kptlt. Heinz Hirsacker took command of U-572 on May 29, 1941 but seems to have had some mental problems. Previously, following his refusal to enter the Straits of Gibraltar and earlier failures to engage the enemy, he had received a strong warning from his superiors stating that he “lacks the necessary energy, resolve and absolute will to succeed" . On December 18, 1942 he was relieved of his command to await a court-martial in Paris where he was found guilty of cowardice in the presence of the enemy. He was sentenced to death by a firing-squad but took his own life instead.
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Six ships sunk for a total of 19,323 tons

On August 3,1943, Northeast of Trinidad,
in position 11°35'N, 54°05'W U-572 was sunk by bombs from a PBM-3S Mariner of VP-205. There were no survivors from the crew of 47. The PBM-3S Mariner was shot down during the bombing raid. There were no survivors from this aircraft.