Type XB
Ordered 31 Jan, 1939
Built by Germaniawerft, Kiel
Launched 3 May, 1941

Commanded by Korvkpt. Werner von Schmidt
Born April 17, 1906
Died August 2, 1978

Conning tower U-116

U-116 left her base in Lorient on June 27, 1942 on her fifth patrol. In addition to being an attack U-boat, U-116 also acted as a supply vessel (also referred to as a 'supply tanker') and on July 6, 1942, stores were transferred from her to the other members of the wolf pack. She scored the only 'kill' of her career on this patrol by sinking SS Shaftesbury. Although the original role of the Type XB U-boat was that of a mine layer, the emblem of suckling pigs on the conning tower of U-116 illustrates her role as a supply vessel.

6 patrols (109 days); 1 ship sunk for a total of 4.284 tons.

U-116 is believed to have been bombed and sunk by an aircraft from VP-74 (American) on October 20, 1942. The last message from her (a weather report) was received on October 6, 1942 from a position 45.00N, 31.30W. There were no survivors from the crew of 56.