On July 1st, 1942, a flotilla of forty-one merchant vessels left the UK as Convoy OS.33 to sail to the South Atlantic and Freetown in Sierra Leone.

Between June 22 and July 2, 1942, six U-boats left their various bases in France with orders to rendezvous in a position east of the Azores and form the Wolf Pack 'Hai' (meaning 'Shark') and awaited the arrival of Convoy OS.33.

Although one U-boat was destroyed, six allied merchantmen that left Convoy OS.33 were torpedoed and sunk. In addition, these U-boats accounted for a further nine vessels during this patrol.

This Web Site is devoted to relating the events surrounding the convoy, the U-boats and their victims and is dedicated to all those brave Merchant Seamen who served their country so well in time of war.