HA Convoys

There were three series bearing this prefix.  The first was HA 1 departing Halifax for Aruba in July 1942.  The subsequent three Halifax HA convoys went to Curacao, the last HA 4 arriving on 28 Aug 1942. 
The next series, starting with HA 4 departed Bari on 17 Oct 43 to Malta.  Subsequent convoys went  primarily to Augusta, but also Brindisi, and Syracuse.  The last convoy of this series was HA 86A arriving on 22 Dec 1944. 
The final series began with HA 1/2 departing Ancona on 16 Jan 45 for Bari.  Occasional convoys were to Brindisi or Barletta.  The final convoy was HA 34 in May 1945.

No convoys were cancelled.


Convoys 157
Ship Entries 2,038
Escort Duties 35




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