Freetown Sailing Directions 1942

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Instructions for entering Freetown.
Searched channel is maintained 2½ cables either side of a line
270 degs. true from Cape Sierra Leone Lighthouse for a distance of
12 miles. Centre line of channel is marked by conical buoys painted white
with black vertical stripes numbered 1 to 5 from westward to
eastward in approximate positions 12, 10, 8, 6 and 4 miles respectively
270 degs. from Cape Sierra Leone Lighthouse. These may be replaced at
times by dan buoys with numbered flags. Buoys are not to be depended
on. Ships are to keep to their starboard side of channel. Fairway Buoy,
an unlighted cylindrical buoy with latticed upper works painted red in
position 287 degs. 12.8 cables from Cape Sierra Leone Lighthouse.
Vessels to pass to the southward of this Buoy.
Close Examination Vessel off Fairway Buoy where you will receive
further instructions.
N.B. Vessels MUST approach Pilot Vessel stationed less than 1 mile West
of Fairway Buoy NOT wait outside for Pilot to Board.
You must NOT repetition NOT enter harbour without a pilot or without
receiving Examination Officers instructions. Ships must NOT
repetition NOT (a) Approach port at night, (b) Run paravanes East of 13
degs. 30' West. (c) Anchor anywhere East of 13 degs. 20' West,
except as ordered by Pilot or Examination Vessel.
A Wreck lies in approximate position 08 degs. 58' N. 13 degs 40' W.
with top of funnel and mast showing above water.
D.F. Bearings, Q.T.G. signals are transmitted on 405 K/per second by a
ship anchored in vicinity of King Tom Peninsula daily between
0500 and 1700 G.M.T, for 2 minutes at 5, 20, 35 and 50 minutes past
each hour.
In order to obtain the maximum air and surface A/S protection, vessels
proceeding to Freetown should make port at best speed between
0700 and 1800 G.M.T. The port closes at 1900 G.M.T.
Wreck in 10 fathoms. Position 09 degs. 07' N. 13 degs. 37' W.
showing 2 masts and crosstrees above water.
3 unexploded depth charges are in position 08 degs. 32' N. 37 degs. 35' W.
A dangerous area has been declared within half mile radius from this position.
190842E.T. -9