Convoy Identification Codes

There were more than 200 convoy routes in existence during the war of which 94 routes were under attack by U-boats.  Each convoy was known by two or more letters designating the route and a consecutive number added in chronological order.  Additionally, the letter 'F' was sometimes used to identify fast convoys (9 knots) and 'S' for slow ones (7 knots).   The convoys received the number when they left harbour.  Vessels that could make 13 knots or more could qualify for independent sailing but the losses amongst this group were three times higher than for those travelling in convoy.

There are two sources of published information:-

  1. Convoy Codes Table appearing in "The Allied Convoy System 1939-45" by Arnold Hague © (see links).

  2. Convoy Codes Table written by an unnamed member of the TNA staff (ADM 237) with references.