EN Convoys

The EN series ran from Methil, on the east coast of Scotland, to Oban (later Loch Ewe) on the west coast. The series started with EN.1 in August 1940 and was numbered sequentially to EN.95 (April 1941) when the series reverted once more to EN.1 and then continued to EN.493 in May 1945 when the series ended. During 1945, eight convoys sailed to Belfast.

Note that the following convoys were cancelled.

  EN.2 (Series 2)
EN.16 (Series 1)
EN.23 (Series 2)
EN.24 (Series 1)
EN.37 (Series 2)
EN.56 (Series 2)
EN.59 (Series 1)
EN.86 (Series 1)
EN.387 (Series 2)
EN.416 (Series 2)
EN.418 (Series 2)
EN.426 (Series 2)
EN.439 (Series 2)
EN.454 (Series 2)


Convoys 595
Ship Entries 10,381
Escort Duties 689